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The internet has guaranteed us a wealth of information exists at our fingertips. However, filtering out the useful information from the weak, inaccurate or incomplete can be a challenging task. Below you will find some of the best resources available for improving your knowledge of adrenal fatigue, getting alternative viewpoints or dealing with doctors.


Marek Doyle, Blueprint Health - recognised as one of the UK's top practitioners, Doyle operates from Harley Street in central London and offers Skype consultations for those further away. A qualified nutritional therapist and allergist with specialism in hormonal balance, fungal issues and adrenal fatigue.
Telephone: 0203 004 9395
Website: www.blueprinthealth.co.uk

South East

Marek Doyle, Blueprint Health - also offering the same service as the London location, from a clinic in North Hampshire (outskirts of Basingstoke).
Telephone: 0203 004 9395
Website: www.blueprinthealth.co.uk

Rest of the world

contact details to follow.